Brushing Up On Paint Contractors


Protecting your biggest investment is important. Good roof, clear guttering system, and high-quality paint. Yes, paint. Of course, a new coat or two of paint can sure freshen up a house, but what it is really doing is protecting your home from the elements. Some home owners put off this vital maintenance for way too long putting their home at a greater risk of damage.

Experience, wealth of knowledge and honesty can make all of the difference when you look to hire a painting contractor. Sure, you could do it yourself, but only an expert can advise on the latest technology and innovations in paint and have the knowledge and expertise on not only what type of paint fits your situation, but application as well.

Choosing a paint contractor is much like hiring any other company to do work on your house. Interview them to make sure they are a good fit for you. Be certain they have liability insurance, so you will feel more at ease in case something happens on your property. Read reviews online, ask friends and relatives for recommendations, and ask the contractors for references.

Get a few estimates before deciding. Resist the urge to go with the lowest bidder. Ask yourself if that person took time to truly inspect your home and if he or she noted anything about problems that may appear once work is started.

Once you have decided on a company to paint your house, make sure you have everything in writing and a guarantee on the work to be done with start and completion dates.

When works starts, be home so that you are able to communicate with them about any issues that come up, or any concerns that you may have. Pull any and all valuables off the walls and remove anything from your yard that may be in the way. Most of all, remember to the crew your home is a work site. Be available for any questions, but do not hinder the work. A good contractor will make you feel like a partner on the project, not a client.

When the job is finished, and the contractor did a great job, tip them. We don’t mean with cash, write them a good review on Google! Remember how you did your homework and read online reviews? Here is your chance to give back.