5 Benefits of Choosing a Local Contractor to Repair Storm Damage

Intense storms and tornadoes are not uncommon in our part of Kansas. Yet, they always tend to surprise us with their power and the damage they cause in mere seconds. However, when they inevitably do come through and wreak havoc on Lawrence, KS, it’s important to consider who you are hiring to repair the damage. In this post, we will cover why you should do business locally to repair home damage after a storm or tornado.

Local Contractors are Reputable

Unlike “Storm Chasers” who take advantage of emotional victims who just faced severe home damage by selling them a service and bailing before it’s done, local contractors have a reputation to protect. Local contractors care more for their neighbors than outside contractors because they are in the thick of it as well. When you hire locally, you can almost always expect higher quality work and better customer service. Beware of contractor fraud by staying informed and calm. According to weather.gov, “When you are informed, ask questions, and remain calm while finding a contractor to repair your home, you are minimizing the opportunity of being victimized by contractor fraud and may be protecting your neighbors too.”

Helps the Local Economy

When you hire local contractors you are helping your local community’s economy because the money is staying in the community. Most contractors live in the area they work in and spend their money there too. Therefore, you are helping to resume cash flow in the community so more people and businesses can get back on their feet. This is a much better alternative to paying an outside contractor who may not live anywhere near the same region as you.

Local References

Local contractors tend to have local references. Look the company up and see if anyone who has left them a review is someone you know. You can even ask the company if they have done work for anyone on your street so that you can speak with their customer before you hire them. References provide peace of mind that the contractor you hire is trustworthy and will properly fix your home after a storm.

Knowledgeable of Insurance

Contractors tend to know the rules of home and storm damage insurance in the towns and states they live in. Insurance companies will do their best to pull the wool over homeowners’ eyes and tell them something is not covered. Local contractors will know what is and isn’t covered and will go to bat for their customers to get them the claims they deserve.

You Know Where Their Office Is

You probably know where the business is located or even where the business owner lives. Unlike out-of-town companies that show up after a storm offering their repair services, you can track down where a local business keeps its office. Out-of-town companies can easily flake once they receive payment because they know homeowners won’t ever be able to find them.

Why Mesler Roofing, Siding and Windows

The short answer is that we face the storm alongside our neighbors. We live in Lawrence, KS, and our homes encounter the same damage as everyone else. We understand the emotional trauma a storm or tornado can cause. Don’t suffer more loss by working with a company that will produce low-quality work – if they even finish it. With us, you’re guaranteed a top-quality job that will make you feel confident with the recovery process. Whether you need repairs to your roofing, siding, or windows, the Mesler Roofing, Siding and Windows team is highly capable to complete the job.

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