Does Room Color Affect Mood?

Does room color affect mood? One of the most essential aspects of reinventing your space is the color you choose to paint your room! The color of a room can impact your mood and emotions, so it’s essential to choose one that speaks to you. 

At Mesler Roofing, Siding and Windows, we understand that room color affects mood, and we strive to make your home your oasis, whether by painting your home’s interior a calming blue or revamping your space to bright orange! We’ll also dive into having the interior of your home match the exterior of your home and how exterior color is just as important!

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The Science Behind Room Colors

A media and environmental psychologist, Dr. Mary Gregerson, claims, “Color affects you totally, with both your mind and your body responding together to the outside stimulus.” Rather than focusing on the specific colors, Gregerson recommends looking toward temperature. Rooms with cool colors – blues, greens, and greys – tend to be more calming, while warm colors – yellows, oranges, and reds – are more energetic and uplifting.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Color for Your Room

Tip 1: Consider the Purpose of the Room

Whether it is your bedroom, kitchen, office, or bathroom, your chosen color should match the room’s purpose. For example, a bedroom should have calming colors, while a home office should be adorned with colors that energize you.

Tip 2: Look at the Room’s Natural Light

The natural lighting of a room plays a significant role in the colors you should look towards choosing. A room’s amount of natural light can impact a color’s appearance. For example, selecting a dark color in a room with much natural light may make it appear lighter and brighter than intended.

The paint experts at Mesler Roofing, Siding and Windows highly recommend testing color swatches in a room before making a final decision. Contact us today for our expertise!

Tip 3: Use Color Theory

We understand that the room’s color isn’t the only factor in space reinventing. Consider using a color wheel to come up with complementary colors and decide which furniture and additional decor will compliment the new color of your walls. 

We’ve Talked Interiors, What About Your Home’s Exteriors?

Room color affects mood; we figured that out, but does your home’s exterior paint also have the same effect? The colors inside and outside your house affect its appearance and overall vibe. Your home’s exterior can also impact its curb appeal. Choosing the right color can make a huge difference in how your home looks from the street. 

At Mesler Roofing, Siding and Windows, we want your home to be your sanctuary. Let us repaint the interior and exterior of your home! Contact us today to get started.

3 Tips for Choosing Your Home’s Exterior Colors

Tip 1: Consider Surrounding Curb Appeal

It is essential to distinguish whether your neighborhood is part of a Home Owners Association. HOAs tend to have strict guidelines for maintaining your home’s exterior to ensure that homes in the neighborhood maintain their resale value. 

Take a look at your neighbor’s homes and the views down the street, are all homes relatively uniform, or does it seem to have more bursts of color? Your neighborhood can help you decide on your home’s exterior based on whether you’d like to stand out or blend in with other houses. 

Tip 2: Think About Architecture

The architecture of your home should also play a role in the color of your home’s exterior. It would be a bit jarring to paint a house with modern architecture a bright primary color or a Victorian home a neutral grey. Paying attention to the architecture of your property and which color schemes complement them most is essential to consider when painting the exterior of your home.

Tip 3: Test Colors

Like our interior advice, testing the colors before making a final decision is paramount. Painting a home’s exterior is labor-intensive, and it would be terrible to paint it and then have to repaint it. Pay attention to factors that may impact the color, like common weather conditions in your area, natural lighting, shadows, and more.

At the end of the day…

It’s your property! After a long day at work or after coming home from a long vacation, what do you envision your home looking like when you pull into your driveway? Let the answer lead you on your home improvement journey! Everyone responds differently to colors, so personal preference should be considered first and foremost.

Trust Mesler Roofing, Siding and Windows For Your Painting Needs

Have we answered the question of if room color affects mood? We believe so! Choosing the right colors for your space is essential for creating the right mood and atmosphere. Consider the tips provided when selecting your colors, and don’t forget about the impact of exterior colors. 

At Mesler Roofing, Siding and Windows, we understand the importance of choosing the right colors for your space. Our painting services can help you transform your home’s interior and exterior. Contact us today to learn more.

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