Can You Safely Repair or Replace Your Roof During COVID-19?


The answer is yes!

COVID-19 and the resulting social distancing practices have changed how the roofing industry conducts business. There are multiple ways we make the process contact-less, safe and stress-free for our clients. If you are in need of roof replacement or repairs, acting now will help prevent further issues or severe damage to your home like leaks, water damage, mold, etc. Here’s how–

6 Steps to Contact-less Roof Replacement or Repair.

The entire process of hiring a contractor and getting an estimate for a roof repair or replacement can be done online and over the telephone. The work itself can be accomplished while observing safe social-distancing practices:

1. Research online. Choose a local roofing contractor with decades of experience and excellent service.
2. Contact-less appointment. Contact your roofing contractor online via email or chat, text or call, to ask questions about estimates, costs, and the repair or replacement process.
3. To provide an estimate, your contractor will have to inspect your roof, but you can check the process from a safe distance if you’d like to be present during the inspection.
4. Estimate. Once the contractor has what they need to provide an estimate, they can email or text it to you to review from the comfort of your own home.
5. All paperwork, project scheduling, and payment can be completed easily and securely through electronic platforms.
6. Getting the Work Done. When it comes time to start working on your roof, contractors may not need to come into your home at all. Once all the plans and estimates are in place, the roof repair or replacement can be completed outside, and you shouldn’t have to interact with anyone. Should any of the roofers need access to the attic, they can give you advanced notice, so you can clear a pathway and keep all family members out of the way.

Don’t let the coronavirus delay a needed roof replacement or repair. MESLER is here to help!